Has a standard additional clip-lock to ensure added carrying capacity.

Metallised foil

The reflective foil can be printed with a customised text. Please contact us to inquire about the possibilities.

Isolation foam

The insulating foam in our thermo bags ensure a high insulation value.

How insulation works

Thermic insulation is a property materials and their construction have in order to reduce the thermic energy (heat) transfer between two sides of the material or their construction to a minimum.

Cooler bag insulation

Our cooler bags have several insulators.

Metallised foil:

This foil reflects to both the inside and outside, ensuring that:

Warm air stays out – cool air stays in

Cool air stays out – warm air stays in


Insulation foam mainly consists of air. Air is a perfect insulator because still air hardly conducts heat at all.

The insulating foam is used to create an airtight pocket between the inner bag and the foam and the outer foil and the foam. The effect is similar to double glazing.

Would you like to know which of these insulating techniques will fit your product best? Please contact us.